The Complete Chillout Company, Upper Tilton Barn, Firle, Nr Lewes

The Complete Chillout Company

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Latest Photos, The Complete Chillout Company, Firle, Nr Lewes, The Complete Chillout Company, Firle, Nr Lewes, The Complete Chillout Company, Firle, Nr Lewes, The Complete Chillout Company, Firle, Nr Lewes

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The Complete Chillout Company
The Complete Chillout Company create atmosphere and style in any space, with bespoke theming and venue dressing you can express yourself, whatever size your venue, there are endless possibilities!

The range of unique marquee linings, event furniture, carpet, lighting and themeing services complement each other and add colour and atmosphere to your celebration.

With help and advice freely available on the look and style of your party, and a range of ready made party themes including Arabian, Moroccan and William Morris styles, The Complete Chillout Company is a complete venue theming service.

You can find before and after venue transformation shots and lots of helpful advice at or call the helpful team on 08008815344


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  • themed venues
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  • furniture hre
  • draping
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2 Reviews
Kelly T
Great Quality
Great Service
Fair Price

Thank you for all your help, advice, reliability and organisation which is all very much appreciated. The Couple were absolutely delighted with the interior design and all the chillout furniture – so many delightful details that completed the effect.

Great Quality
Great Service
Fair Price

We arranged to go to the Warehouse in Firle, where the Warehouse Manager was extremely friendly and knowledgeable in helping us to finalise our decisions on furniture. We were really impressed with the quality and authenticity of the linings and furniture. In all, if it is an eyecatching exotic feel that you are trying to capture for your event, this company will exceed your expectations!