The Real China Restaurant Birmingham, Unit 17, Star City	 , Birmingham

The Real China Restaurant Birmingham

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The Real China Restaurant Birmingham, Birmingham
The Real China Restaurant Birmingham, Birmingham
The Real China Restaurant Birmingham, Birmingham

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Unit 17, Star City
B7 5SA
United Kingdom
01213 260552


The Real China is a widely acclaimed Chinese buffet restaurant chain that is operating restaurants all over the UK. The cornerstone of our success is our dedication to promoting authentic Chinese food and real Chinese cuisine aesthetics and our amiable customer service.

At the Real China, we are constantly looking for nothing but the best suitable ingredients for our authentic Chinese recipes. Our chefs delicately combine the traditional Chinese cooking techniques, spices and flavours to create delicious authentic Chinese cuisine. The real beauty of our dishes is that they are not only beautifully presented but also bring together colour, aroma and taste of real Chinese food.

Our recipes are elaborately selected to offer our customers a great array of different Chinese food at one price - We not only update our menus regularly but also introduce seasonal and innovative dishes, which helps keep the dining experience in our restaurants fresh and exciting. As an added treat, for example, a number of our restaurants offer Teppanyaki hotplate, which you can enjoy a live show cooking experience of watching our chefs turn your raw ingredients into aromatic, sizzling and tasty meals.

Our restaurants are stylishly designed with the simple but elegant decoration. Each ornament exudes the traditional artistic elements of China, which gives our customers a unique, exotic and enchanting dining environment.

At the Real China, each member of our team is dedicated to offer our customers memorable experience. We pride ourselves in our efficient, friendly and courteous manner when serving our customers. We are committed to turning your visit into an ultimate dining experience you will remember.


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1 Reviews
Very Poor Quality
Very Poor Service

To say this is the worst Chinese restaurant I have been to is an understatement. The choice of food was minimal. The selection of food was appalling. The quality of food was atrocious. The staff were miserable.

We paid £15 each for a refillable drink and Chinese buffet. I say Chinese, because that is what the title of the Restaurant lead me to believe, but I find this hard to justify. Shown to our table we had a fork and a spoon, no knife. Yet some of the food was that hard a steak knife would have been required!

Starters consisted of about 7 dishes - Samosa (all pastry no filling), Spring Rolls (all pastry no filling), Spare Ribs (none left), Duck Pancakes (bones in Duck, Soggy Cucumber, Hard Pancakes). The remainder consisted of Onion Rings, Sausage Rolls, Hash Browns - not exactly what I would call Chinese!

The main dishes consisted of about the same quantity of dishes, none of which looked particularly appealing. The Char Sui pork was cremated. It was so hard and burnt. As for the Sweet and Sour Chicken, the sauce was like water and the balls were what can only be described as a tin of meatballs deepfried. I took one to show friends for a laugh, but even I was not prepared to attempt eating it. The Teppanyaki was not available, but this was not reflected in the price.

Deserts consisted of trifle sponges, stale swiss roll, large pots with a minute amount of jelly and ice cream which had been left with the lid open, not very hygienic.

At one point they even ran out of plates, and took ages to fill up. They obviously were not prepared for the sudden influx of twenty people that were in there. Staff were miserable, especially the guy who we paid who never even asked us if everything was ok with the meal, but just grunted the price at us and pointed at the credit card machine.

This is a Chinese Restaurant. I would take both of these words with a pinch of salt, as it is certainly not I would describe it as. Ming Moon, Wing Wah, Big Wok all serve better quality food than this and are also cheaper. Avoid at all costs, we will certainly never return.