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Susa Asia is a professional, aromatherapy product & service supplier.

Our aim

"To provide quality aromatic natural products to our customers at a great price"

At Susa Asia we do not make huge profit margins. We ensure our customers to get the highest quality essential oils at great value for money. And our quality ethics ensure that our customers can be confident with our aromatic natural products at all.

About us

Ensuring Quality

At Susa Asia we take the quality of essential oils very seriously. We only offer 100% Pure Essential Oils which have not been tampered with in any way.

In order to ensure our pure essential oils are of the finest quality, we have established close working relationships with suppliers and producers gaining assurances on the processes used for quality control from suppliers, and producers. Confirming the conditions 1) the correct botanical name has been used in growing and place of plants are grown; 2) plants growing techniques and harvesting time & season; 3) plants harvesting techniques and methods; 4) extracting essential oils techniques and methods; all are in acceptable.

We regularly test our essential oils 1) the odour of the oil has the correct characteristics; 2) the oil visually for proper color for any discrepancies in quality and consistency. Our entire bottling process is done by hand; this allows us to continually monitor the products until to customers. Our essential oils are stored in a temperature controlled room, in dark cupboards to ensure their stability and quality.

All products purchased from Susa Asia will be supplied with a unique batch number which provides complete traceability back to the supplier, and/or producer.

Sincere customer care

We are committed your shopping experience with Susa Asia to be memorable for all the right reasons. We promise to do our best to ensure we meet your requirements in a proper way.

No animal testing

We have taken steps to obtain assurances from raw material suppliers to ensure that our products (any of their ingredients) are not tested on animals.

Protecting the environment

We are committed to reducing the impact our business has on the environment. We endeavor to reduce the amount of packaging waste from our operation.


  • essential oil
  • carrier oil
  • aromatherapy
  • hydrosol
  • aromatic diffuser
  • clay
  • salt
  • organic product
  • natural aroma product

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